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Stop wasting tax dollars

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It's time for all of us to wake up from our complacent stupor and put a stop to another irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars. Our elected officials, the County Commission and legislators continue to spend taxpayer dollars like it is an open checkbook. Let's stop the Spanish Fork-Nephi water proposal fight now.

They want to spend $300 million to provide water to a county that is experiencing less than 1 percent growth, and the Salt Lake County Water district wants to spend another $300 million to dam the Bear River to provide Salt Lake County residents with water they could receive from the CUP.Bear River water has historically been known to be of poor quality. Then they refuse to consider that sending CUP water north would save a total of $500 million ($200 million off the cost of the proposed system and another $300 million by eliminating the need for the proposed Bear River Dam).

Salt Lake County has paid 67 percent of CUP taxes yet received less than 25 percent of the water from these projects. Salt Lake County has incurred growth of 61 per-cent and projected water demand is more than 275 times that of Juab County. Juab County farmers will pay only $2-$3 for the same amount of water for which Salt Lake County water users currently pay $350-$400.

We elect these people in the hopes that they do the right thing and spend our hard-earned money wisely, just like it was coming out of their own pockets. After all, they pay taxes, too.

Gina Riggs

West Jordan