There's something a little silly about turning to your PC for advice about exercise. After all, if you didn't spend so danged much time sitting at the keyboard, cruising the Web and sending e-mail, you'd get outside more.

But since the PC and the Internet are facts of life now, you might as well use some of the resources of the World Wide Web to find ways to get in shape.We'll start our Web-based exercise program easy. Just click that mouse button - don't strain yourself - on ( and zap on over to World Fitness Online. This is a good place to start, because you'll probably agree with the philosophy here. The notion, according to this page, is:

"Time is a precious commodity, as is fitness. We want to remain fit, but we also need time to do other things with our lives. Some people put fitness ahead of everything else and become gym rats, spending endless hours pumping iron, running treadmills, doing Nautilus circuits, etc. But most of us want real lives beyond the gym."

The practical nature of this page also extends to the sort of features you'll find. If you want to get in shape without spending a lot of money, you'll be able to follow the directions here for constructing some of your own exercise equipment, including a wooden stair device. It isn't as fancy as the step machines you'll find in the gym, but you won't need to spend your hard-earned money to get one. And, since you'll build the wooden stepper yourself, you'll get your first exercise just from constructing it.

Then, as you'd expect, there are sections that offer exercise advice, as well as a forum where you can leave questions for the exercise experts who hang around this site.

Our next stop on our exercise circuit is at a place called the Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite. You'll find it at ( You already know that exercise alone isn't enough for good personal fitness, so the emphasis of this site on diet and eating the right foods will fit right in with your fitness plan.

You'll also get the sometimes-depressing news here of how many calories you're burning while engaged in various exercise activities. That's because there's a high-tech calculator that lets you enter the information about your exercise program and get a fairly accurate indication of the calories you burn.

You probably know all about personal trainers. That's the rage now at the gym. These folks help you set up an exercise plan and health goals based on your age, weight, physical condition and personal goals. Well, now it's time for you to meet a virtual personal trainer that can do almost the same thing. Just head for a site called The Fitness Zone: Fitness Profile at (

You'll fill out the on-screen form with the same kind of information you'd give a real-world personal trainer and, in just seconds, get an exercise profile and an assessment of your current fitness level. You'll need to know your blood pressure to fill out the form, but you should know that anyway, since a visit to your physician is strongly recommended before starting any new exercise plan.

Since - right or wrong - most of us associate a fitness plan with losing weight, you'll want to stop by a site called Shape Up America at ( That's the emphasis here, losing weight safely. You'll find advice and support - along with cautions about trendy diets.

Finally, to get started on your fitness program, perform this low-stress exercise. Reach out with your right finger, turn off your computer and take a walk.