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Vote on fluoride question

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I feel the need to respond to the letter of Kevin L. Havlik of Salt Lake City regarding the right to vote on fluoride. I personally applaud the votes of Brent Overson and Mary Callaghan on this issue. The principle that Mr. Havlik is missing is the fact that the issue of fluoridation can be put on the ballot, it just needs to be done correctly. A vote by a county commission or water district board is not the way the system should work. Like all other issues of this type, proponents should collect signatures by petition for an item to be placed on a ballot.

However, Gov. Mike Leavitt saw fit to change the rules for this particular issue. The votes of Overson and Callaghan put the responsibility back on the people - where it should be. I personally do not want my water fluoridated and will work tirelessly to keep my freedom from forced medication. However, we do live in a country where anyone with a different viewpoint is allowed to follow a process and put an issue on a ballot. Let's just make sure it's "fair" and all issues are done through the same procedure.Janeen Carter