While I agree that it is sad that the NCAA will not accommodate schools that do not wish to participate in athletic events scheduled on Sunday, the greatest loss is to sports nuts who feel that BYU must compete on a national level.

There was a time when having a nationally recognized athletic team did a lot to boost the profile of BYU, the LDS Church, and, in a sense, the state of Utah. However, I think that most would agree that the BYU athletic teams have done little to positively impact the school's image in recent years. I refer directly to the crash of the basketball team, honor code violations by players and highly publicized illegal activities among athletes. BYU's efforts to improve its image through athletic programs has resulted in "main-streaming," which has brought with it the problems that mainstream culture experiences.At this point it is more important for BYU and its fans to take a stand on principle and refuse to participate in NCAA events scheduled on Sunday or refuse to participate in the NCAA altogether. This action will do more to demonstrate the school's values and, more importantly, the church's values and priorities than a national championship team could ever do. Let's hope that the schools that make up the NCAA change the ruling on this issue. If they do not reinstate the no play on Sunday rule, let's be ready to show the nation what we really value.

Matthew McCarty

West Valley City