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Local Births

Alta View Hospital-

HOLST, Kaarin and Patrick, West Jordan, boy, July 9.

JENSEN, Janis and Ellery, Springville, girl, July 8.

JOHNSON, Tiffany and Ken, Magna, girl, July 8.

LEWIS, Michelle and Timothy, West Jordan, girl, July 9.

MINCHEW, Jamie, Magna, boy, July 8.

MITCHELL, Vicky and HOWE, Jason, Salt Lake City, boy, July 8.

POLLOCK, Jennifer, West Jordan, boy, July 9.

PUGMIRE, Emree and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

BAXTER, Brittany and John, Murray, boy, July 8.

BEELER, Tiffani, and HUETTER, Steve, West Jordan, boy, July 9.

CERVANTEZ, Tamera and Jesse, Salt Lake City, girl, July 8.

DANIELS, Iris, West Valley City, girl, July 8.

ENG, Faye and Jim, Murray, boy, July 8.

JENKINS, Rebecca and Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, July 8.

LISTON, Melanie and James, Sandy, boy, July 9.

MANZANARES, Wendy and David, West Valley City, boy, July 7.

THORSEN, Gigi and Mark, Sandy, girl, July 9.

VERSTEEG, Julie and Allan, Salt Lake City, girl, July 7.

VUONG, Phuong and Dennis, Salt Lake City, boy, July 7.

WILDE, Sherri and Gary, Bountiful, boy, July 8.

LDS Hospital-

DEVERAUX, Bethany and Shawn, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9.

FREEZE, Emily and Craig, Salt Lake City, twin boys, July 9.

HARRISON, Alyssa and Rex, Centerville, girl, July 9.

HARWARD, Cammie and Brett, Orem, boy, July 9.

HEYBORNE, Michelle and Chad, Salt Lake City, girl, July 9.

HIGHT, Carmina and Barry, Salt Lake City, girl, July 9.

MEMMOTT, Kathleen and Kent, Stockton, Tooele County, boy, July 9.

NEATH, Krista, Centerville, girl, July 9.

PLATT, Kaylene and David, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9.

SANDERS, Laura and John, Salt Lake City, girl, July 9.

SOLOMON, Lisa and Jedediah, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9.

THOMAS, Jennifer and J. Kevin, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9.

TREVETHICK, Chantelle and Troy, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9.

VANDERHOEVEN, Gaynor and Jacob, Kaysville, girl, July 9.

YOAKUM, Wendy and Garon, Salt Lake City, girl, July 9.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BALLINGHAM, Michelle and Doyle, Syracuse, boy, July 6.

BINGHAM, Audree, and STATEN, Chad, West Point, boy, July 5.

BUNDERSON, Rachel and David, Ogden, boy, July 6.

CHENEY, Rachel and Benjamin, Ogden, girl, July 3.

COLE, Mellyn and Jeremy, Ogden, girl, July 7.

CONTRERAS, Maria and Felipe, Ogden, girl, July 7.

DENKENBURGER, Wendy and Stephan, Ogden, boy, July 3.

ENGLAND, Stacie and Jake, Brigham City, girl, July 7.

FLITTON, April and Chad, Layton, boy, July 6.

FRY, Jeanette and Karl, Morgan, twin boys, July 2.

GREEN, Shailya, Ogden, boy, July 7.

JONES, Emily and Chad, Ogden, girl, July 7.

KINDALL, Angie and Jeffery, Roy, girl, July 7.

KISEL, Carrie, Vernal, boy, July July 7.

LOVELAND, Maile and Derek, Kaysville, boy, July 4.

MEDELL, Jennifer and Daniel, Roy, girl, July 7.

MORIN, Sharyn and Andrew, Ogden, boy, June 5.

PRUESS, Sharon and Steven, Ogden, boy, July 7.

RANDOLPH, Toria and Greg, Ogden, boy, July 3.

SMITH, Amy and Brian, Ogden, boy, July 6.

SUSKO, Jessica, Ogden, girl, July 2.

SVEDEEN, Traci and Kendal, Roy, boy, July 7.

TORNBOM, Meredith, Clearfield, boy, July 4.

VALENCIA, Esmeralda and Steven, Bountiful, boy, July 7.

WHITELEY, Amy and Casey, North Ogden, boy, July 6.

Orem Community Hospital-

BELISLE, Charlene and Roger, Orem, boy, July 1.

CHRISTENSEN, Leanne and Scott, Lindon, boy, July 4.

DANIANO, Susan and Rob, Provo, boy, July 6.

DAWE, Rebecca and Andrew, Mapleton, boy, July 5.

HANSEN, Kathi and Chad, Orem, girl, July 5.

HEIMULI, Marianna and Hema, Orem, girl, July 5.

JOHNSON, Cindy and Mark, Elk Ridge, boy, July 4.

KALLAS, Nicole and Duston, Provo, girl, July 7.

LOCK, Amy and Christopher, Provo, boy, July 2.

MIJARES, Rossy and Cesar, Provo, girl, July 4.

NORBY, Aubrey and Geoffrey, Provo, boy, July 1.

OVERTON, Christina and Jared, Provo, girl, July 6.

RADLE, Julie and Steven, Orem, girl, July 2.

ROBINSON, Celeste, Springville, girl, July 1.

RODAS, Kristie and Harry, Orem, girl, July 2.

STARKEY, Jennifer and Michael, Provo, girl, July 6.

STONEMAN, Elisa and Rick, Orem, boy, July 2.

THIBODEAU, Shannon and Ronald, Santaquin, boy, July 3.

VINCENT, Cynthia and Kevin, Springville, girl, July 4.

WASHBURN, Kathleen and Joseph, Spanish Fork, girl, July 3.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ALIMOV, Victoria and Yusup, West Valley City, boy, July 9.

BRUSO, Caron, West Jordan, boy, July 8.

DAZLEY, Shonna and Wayne, West Valley City, boy, July 6.

GROSS, Tammy and James, Salt Lake City, boy, July 6.

HEYWOOD, Mandy and Scott, Kearns, boy, July 7.

KENNEY, Jonie, and EMPEY, Layne, Magna, girl, July 7.

SMUIN, Sandra and Brian, Kearns, boy, July 8.

STOUT, Katie and Rick, Magna, boy, July 6.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center-

BARROWES, Marianne and Orlando, Provo, boy, July 4.

BROWN, Susan and Seth, Orem, girl, July 3.

FISH, Aisha and Owen, Spanish Fork, girl, July 4.

JENSEN, Kristi and Kevin, Provo, boy, July 3.

LEONARD, Marcy and Brian, Provo, boy, July 3.

MANLEY, Emily and Brady, Orem, boy, July 3.

MARROTT, Melanie and Todd, Provo, girl, July 4.

PRYOR, Amy and Scott, Provo, girl, July 3.