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Lagoon’s bouncing back after dreary early season

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The wet and cool weather earlier this year definitely kept fun seekers away from Lagoon.

But the Davis County amusement park reports that attendance has picked up ever since the pleasant weather arrived on June 20."We've just had a terrific two and a half weeks," Lagoon spokesman Dick Andrew said. "It has been very strong."

So strong, in fact, that despite the dreary start to the season Lagoon is now almost on pace with last year's attendance, he said. "We're catching up."

Andrew said last year wasn't the best of seasons for Lagoon and wasn't a record year. The I-15 reconstruction work in Salt Lake County definitely hindered Lagoon attendance then, as it is also doing this year.

Lagoon's attendance had been in a steady climb until 1997.

Still, Andrew said he believes Lagoon will end the season with approximately $1.2 million visitors, near a record.

He said the new Wild Mouse ride has also been as strong an attraction as Lagoon officials expected.

Lagoon also tried something different with its holiday fireworks this year. It has opted for bigger shells and a higher fireworks display that can be seen from anywhere in the park.

It has abandoned its traditional musical program in conjunction with its fireworks for simplicity's sake. Lagoon also no longer uses an area north of the Flying Carpet ride for fireworks watchers, since the display is visible from anywhere in the park.

Andrew said Lagoon will have a similar fireworks show on July 24.