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Some in Sandy asked to conserve water

SHARE Some in Sandy asked to conserve water

Sandy officials hope residents living in the city's southeast quadrant will neglect their lawns this summer - at least every other day.

Homeowners living in the area east of 1300 East and south of Dimple Dell Regional Park (about 10400 South) are being asked to voluntarily coordinate their yard watering with the last digit in their address.For example, households with addresses ending with odd numbers should water only on odd numbered days and households with even numbers should water on even numbered days.

Public works officials have also contacted large water users in the designated quadrants, like schools and parks, to coordinate similar watering schedules.

Sandy's water conservancy call is prompted by limitations in the southeast quadrant's water treatment and delivery facilities during hot, high-water demand days - not a water shortage.

"The current demands are higher than the facilities in that area can provide," said Mike Wilson of Sandy City Public Utilities.

The southeast area of Sandy is apparently the only quadrant in need of additional facilities.

There have been days when some residents have dealt with decreased water pressure during high-demand hours like the early morning.

The facility shortage should not be a long-term problem, Wilson said. "Things will probably change when the weather cools," he added.

Sandy's long-term master plan addresses the need for upgraded water transmission and delivery capabilities.

Call Sandy City Public Utilities at 568-7280 for more information.