You've saved your entire working career for retirement. Now that day is only one year away. What do you do?

Hopefully, you've already reviewed your portfolio allocations, shifting more assets into more conservative investments, and you've paid down some debt to make those golden years less expensive.Here are some other items to remember during your last year in the work force to make the transition to retirement easier:

- Coordinate your plans. Have your lawyer and a financial planner review wills, powers of attorney, investment plans, pension options and life insurance.

- Prepare for the worst: being incapacitated. If you haven't already done so, have your lawyer draft durable powers of attorney for health care and financial matters.

- Check on out-of-state requirements.

- Review your insurance policies. Figure out what you'll need, and can afford, for life, auto and homeowners insurance. Comparison shop before you convert a term policy you have through an employer to whole life.

- Pay off 401 loans. When you cash out of your plan, outstanding loans will be treated as a cash distribution. That means you'll owe tax on the distributed amount.