I find it laughable how smitten the Salt Lake City press is with Joe Waldholtz. Front page spreads, quote boxes, before and after pictures. Give me a break. The best part is that the most recent wave of publicity contained no news. All we were exposed to was Waldholtz's continued self-serving spin. This man has devastated people's lives and deliberately hurt people who cared for him.

There is so much press-inspired criticism for those of us who were deceived by Joe. Yes, there was an incredible amount of misplaced trust, but we didn't have the facts. What's the media's excuse? Here's an idea for some of Salt Lake's crack reporters: Don't stop with Joe Waldholtz. Go down to the state pen and ask other convicted felons about campaign finance reform, future career plans and how much weight they've lost since being thrown into jail. Suckers.Greg Hughes