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BODY FOUND: The body of a person believed to have been a North Korean spy washed ashore in South Korea, prompting a strong warning from the Defense Ministry that it would not tolerate further infiltration from its rival. South Korea's military and police went on increased alert after the body, with weapons and a radio, was found Sunday about a mile from a naval base, 120 miles east of Seoul. The incident occurred less than three weeks after a North Korean submarine was found off the east coast on June 22.

TANGO FESTIVAL: The insinuating music and sweeping moves of the tango, so redolent of warm South American nights, have found a home amid Finland's cool and endless birch forests. This year's tango festival in Seinajoki, which ended Sunday, attracted a record 100,000 people - about one of every 50 people in a country known more for reserve than romance. With a budget of $2.8 million, the tango festival generates at least $7.5 million for the town of 30,000.FOILED BOMBING: Irish republican dissidents opposing the Northern Ireland peace agreement have joined forces and likely masterminded a foiled bombing campaign in London, Northern Ireland police said Sunday. An alliance of splinter groups and individuals is "responsible for quite a number of attacks," Ronnie Flanagan, head of the Royal Ulster Con-stabulary, said on Sky Television. RUC headquarters said Flanagan was referring to Friday's bombing attempt in the capital.