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Flag amendment political

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I have been watching the debate over the proposed constitutional amendment protecting the United States flag from desecration. I have come to agree with the opinion that no senator, House representative or other politician has the intent of protecting the flag; rather, they are all doing this to shame those members who vote against it. They will call these detractors unpatriotic, communist and traitorous. The sponsors of the amendment knew that this time, months before the midterm elections, was the right time to put it on the floor. When the votes are tallied, those who voted against it will be, if up for re-election, criticized and elected out of office. The freshmen representatives and senators will pass a resurrected form of the amendment, sending it to the states for the same process to happen at a lower level.

To reiterate, the motives behind this amendment are not patriotic, but selfish and scatological. The ensuing process would be akin to two schoolboys fighting over a girl, but one doesn't engage in order to look better in the girl's eyes.Brett L. Garner