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Alta - a summertime haven, too?

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Mayor William Levitt says his town has always enjoyed a wintertime mystique for skiers throughout the country.

Now the town's longtime leader hopes an extensive trail plan will make the Little Cottonwood Canyon community a recreational draw for summertime nature lovers.The trail plan involves construction or improvement of four independent trail projects winding around and through the mountain community.

"Part of the plan also involves some trail mitigation, reclaiming trail that has been trashed," Levitt said.

Alta seasonal trail planner Glen Hemingson said much of the work could be completed by early fall.

The first trail, dubbed the Alta Town Trail, will be a half-mile easily accessible path cutting through Alta's "downtown." The trailhead will begin at Alta Ski Resort and travel along the south side of the highway before ending at a juncture of the soon-to-be-completed Albion Meadows Trail.

The second part of the trail plan includes completion of the Albion Meadows Trail, a two-mile route beginning at the east side of town and ending at the Albion campground.

"It will be a terrific midsummer hike. There are some spectacular wildflowers in that area," Hemingson said.

Completion of the Catherine's Pass Trail is part three of the trail plan. Work will consist largely of improvements on the existing trail connecting Catherine's Meadow to Catherine's Path, including rerouting of several switchbacks.

The final element of the trail plan involves linking a network of existing trails in the upper Albion basin.

Funding for trails will come largely from Salt Lake County ZAP grant money, along with contributions from Alta Ski Resort, Friends of Alta and the town of Alta, Hemingson said.

During Thursday's Town Council meeting, council members agreed to give Levitt permission to sign off on the final trail plan on Aug. 1.