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Protect Utah’s wildlife laws

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A few years ago, when a contagious disease erupted in a flock of ducks near Los Angeles, scientists moved to quarantine the birds and remove the infected ducks from the flock. What happened? Protesters from all over the United States appeared with signs saying "Save the Ducks." (You may recall a similar incident involving diseased wild horses here in Utah.) The bottom line is that the protesters did not have enough common sense to find their hip pocket with both hands, but they wanted to run the duck farm.

SJR10 proposes to increase the percentage of votes required to change proven wildlife management laws here in Utah.The reason SJR10 makes sense is that it ensures that any change in good management law is not based upon temporary emotionalism. Hollywood actors seem to attach themselves to phony animal rights issues in what appears to be an attempt to say, hey, I'm a good person because I care about animals (even though the actor personally has the morals of an alley cat).

Unfortunately these well-intentioned novices seldom know what they are talking about.

SJR10 will help ensure that a temporary sales pitch involving image over substance does not bring about the problems that have occurred in other states. If predator management should be voted out of existence, herds of elk and deer will dwindle dramatically, as the 40-mile caribou herd did in Alaska. Science, not emotionalism, should dictate natural resource man-age-ment.

F.T. Gardiner