I was deeply disturbed by the July 9 article on the sentencing of Amy Grossberg, who, with her then-boyfriend, Brian Peterson, killed their newborn son to avoid the embarrassment of an out-of-wedlock birth. The story reported, "the boy was born alive at full term and died of multiple skull fractures caused by blunt trauma and shaking." His body was wrapped in plastic and left in a dumpster.

For that brutal murder of a defenseless innocent, Amy was sentenced to only 2 1/2 years in prison and Brian was sentenced to six months less than that.I am sickened not only by the crime but by the judicial system's response to it. If that baby boy had been an adult, his murderers would be facing much more severe penalties. Did they receive a lighter sentence because a newborn is somehow less valuable than an adult, or is the leniency based in a belief that children are the "property" of parents and therefore the parents are less culpable for their deaths?

Janice Perry Gully

Salt Lake City