Par 4

Yardage: 449/Gold; 418/Blues; 365/Whites; 326/Reds

Layout: A long, narrow par-4 with out of bounds on the left and a lake on the right and a couple of small streams running through it. Tiny green is hard to hit.

Short and sweet: Forest Dale, one of the original courses in Utah, opened in 1901 as the Salt Lake Country Club.

Professionally speaking: "No. 9 is a nasty hole. It's an incredibly hard driving hole with a lake on the right and a big tree on the left. Then you still may have a 4- or 5-iron to the postage-stamp green. You can make a double or triple bogey with no problem at all." - Mack Christensen, head golf pro, Forest Dale


Off the tee: A tough driving hole, especially for slicers. If you try to hit left to correct your slice, there's a large tree waiting to knock your drive down. If your ball drifts right, it ends up in a lake added to the course 10 years ago.

Around the green: Especially from the back tees, you'll be left with a long poke to the green, which is fronted by steep bunkers on the left and right. Also the fairway narrows considerably near the green.

On the green: The small, old-style green isn't anything out of the ordinary. It's pretty flat with few undulations. The problem is getting there.