An article in June 24 Deseret News, titled "Congress is slow in expanding visa program for skilled workers," caught my eye. This article should have everyone asking why should they? Why do we need to import foreign workers to take top-paying jobs away from American workers? Is this just another way business has cooked up to bring in cheap help at the expense of the American workers?

Is there really a shortage of skilled workers, or is business just looking for bigger profits by cheating America's workers? If there is a shortage of skilled workers, what has caused it? Have our schools failed to provide our future workers with the skills needed to get the good paying jobs? Why haven't business, education and government leaders worked together to create an education system to train the type of work force American industry needs? Why is it we have so many people graduating from our universities with degrees that no one needs or wants?Is it fair to take the skilled workers from some poor country for the benefit of big American business? Shouldn't these workers remain in their own countries to upgrade their own economies.

I think it's time that the leaders of America fix any problems that may exist with American workers. Let's make sure Americans have the good-paying jobs that have a future. Let's treat the American workers and the future American workers with dignity and respect. Let us all work together to make America even greater than it is so everyone can share in this great country's wealth.

Gerald N. Durtschi