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Eskelsen deserves support

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I am impressed that 2nd Congressional District candidate Lily Eskelsen feels strongly about protecting the working men and women of this community. She supports overtime pay, protecting the minimum wage, tax cuts for working families and protecting Utah's senior citizens. Lily's record proves her ability to fight and win on the pocketbook issues that matter most to Utah families.

Merrill Cook, on the other hand, voted to give employers the option of eliminating overtime pay, using "comp time" as a substitute, supports the abolition of the minimum wage, voted against reserving the budget surplus to protect Social Security (HR 2003) and supports raising the retirement age for benefits. It seems to me that the candidate in this race who is on my side, and the side of Utah's working families, is Lily Eskelsen. Let's vote for someone who will work as hard as we do.Dick G. Thomas

South Jordan