It is sad that people will sometimes do and say almost anything to elect the people they want elected to office. However, it is surprising that Joseph E. Hatch, chairman of the the Salt Lake County Democratic Party, would stoop to such tactics. To insinuate that Commissioner Mary Callaghan is a Doug Short Republican ("Reject Short Republicans," Monday, July 13) and should, thus, be defeated in November is laughable.

Doug Short may have preferred Commissioner Callaghan over Wendy Smith, but that does not make Commissioner Callaghan a Doug Short Republican. Commissioner Callaghan is a citizens' Republican. She listens to their concerns and then, if new information indicates a reason to change a vote, she is willing to do so in response to citizens' concerns. We need to vote to keep Commissioner Callaghan on the commission.Lynn F. Price

President, Professional Republican Women

Former chair, Salt Lake County Republican Party