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This week in Church history

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100 years ago

Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City was dedicated July 24, 1898, "formally set apart by municipal authority as a place to be of benefit and beauty for citizens of Salt Lake," according to the July 29, 1898, Deseret Semi-Weekly News.

Approximately 2,000 attended the ceremony on Pioneer Square, the site where the "old fort" was built, the stockade where the pioneers built their first homes in the Salt Lake Valley. President Wilford Woodruff presided over the ceremony and the dedicatory prayer was offered by his first counselor, President George Q. Cannon.

Speakers besides President Woodruff and President Cannon included U.S. Congressman William H. King and Salt Lake City Mayor John Clark.

In his remarks, President Woodruff recalled arriving in the Valley with President Brigham Young on July 24, 1847, and the occasion when President Young designated, by striking his cane upon the ground, the spot where the temple would be built. "I put a stake there and the Temple is there, a monument to President Young's foresight and prophetic accuracy," President Woodruff said.

The article also quoted him saying: "Wonderful changes have come to this land and people since the arrival of the Pioneers, and I want to say that the changes, the progress and increase will be just as great during the next fifty-one years as during a similar period that has just closed. The destiny of this people is before heaven and earth and nothing can stay it."

Quote from the past

"There is but one path of safety for the Latter-day Saints, and that is the path of duty." - President Heber J. Grant, from an address given during the April 1945 general conference