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Commission out of touch

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On June 10, Salt Lake County Commissioners Mary Callaghan and Brent Overson voted against placing the issue of fluoridation on the ballot in November. I hope people will contact the commissioners and urge them to reconsider their vote. A recent poll showed 95 percent of Salt Lake County residents agreed that voters should have the right to decide. The action taken by the commission had nothing to do with sound public policy and everything to do with personal political agendas.

This is just the most recent example of how ineffective our County Commission has become in dealing with the business of the people. During the past four years, I have become increasingly angry at government both for what it has done and what it has failed to do. I am tired of the mismanagement, the conflicts of interest and the petty bickering that have become synonymous with county government.The voters will probably not have an opportunity to vote on fluoride in November. However, they will be able to vote for two new commissioners who may bring some common sense and leadership back to county government.

Karla Jennison

Salt Lake City