A Utah criminal wanted for his role in a 1996 Taylorsville homicide has been arrested in Mexico City.

Jose Mario Jiminez-Arres, 27, was arrested Tuesday by Mexican federal police, the FBI said.Jiminez-Arres was being sought by the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office for the Oct. 20, 1996, fatal shooting of Henry Dennis Miera at a convenience store, 4110 S. Redwood Road, Salt Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Jim Potter said.

Miera, 32, was sitting in his car in front of the store at 1:30 a.m. waiting for two friends who were inside. The suspect and the men got into a dispute and upon emerging from the store, Jiminez-Arres brandished a .45 caliber handgun and attempted to fire several shots.

When the two men fled on foot, Jiminez-Arres approached Miera's vehicle and fired four to five point-blank rounds into his torso, police said.

Salt Lake County detective Mark Chidester has diligently tracked Jiminez-Arrez for more than a year, Potter said.

But officials are a long way from having this case closed, Potter said. Jiminez-Arres still has to be extradited to Utah to face trial.