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N.Y. policewoman, husband file $200 million sex harassment suit

SHARE N.Y. policewoman, husband file $200 million sex harassment suit

A police sergeant who says her fellow officers and boss tormented her with lewd comments and then threatened her to keep quiet has filed a $200 million sexual harassment lawsuit against the police department.

In the federal lawsuit, Sgt. Michelle Jarman-Brown and her husband, police Lt. Robert Brown, allege that Jarman-Brown's commanding officer once told her to come to a meeting in a short skirt."You can be like the ring girls at the boxing match, wear a bikini and walk around holding a sign over your head," Inspector Arthur Storch said, according to the suit filed last week in federal court.

After going to Internal Affairs, Jarman-Brown was transferred to a Manhattan unit where she was called "a rat." She has since been transferred to nearby Staten Island.

Brown faces departmental charges for going to a confidential police location to confront his wife's old bosses - charges, the suit alleges, that were drummed up to intimidate him.

A police department spokesman declined to comment.