As Whitewater prosecutors conducted fact-gathering interviews in the Monica Lewinsky investigation, they asked Secret Service officers about the former intern's Dec. 28 visit to the White House, a lawyer for several agents says.

Prosecutors may ask those questions of the officers again starting Tuesday - this time in front of the grand jury, lawyer Mike Leibig said. Seven Secret Service personnel were asked to appear for testimony this week, Leibig said, including one officer who was not previously subpoenaed.Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is interested in Lewinsky's Dec. 28 visit because it might have been the last time the former intern met with President Clinton in the White House.

Shortly before the visit, Lewinsky was subpoenaed in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case against the president. She and Clinton both denied in that case that they had a sexual relationship.

"Some of them were on duty," Leibig said of the officers. "Some of them know about" Lewinsky's Dec. 28 visit.

Leibig, who represents four Secret Service officers, commented, "I don't think any of them have seen any evidence of a crime. I don't think they saw the president in an embarrassing, compromising or off-color situation."