Recently, Salt Laker Linda Stutphen rolled her shopping cart down Albertson's cookie aisle, and innocently picked some Snackwell's from the shelf.Upon opening the package at home, she discovered a new meaning for "passion!"

Tucked away amid chocolate, and low fat crumbs was a certificate worth truckloads of SnackWell's goods.

She contacted the SnackWell folks, and was soon became a $1,000 lucky winner in the SnackWell's million dollar "Passion For Snacking" promotion.



Sally's Place a colorful "town" with various "shops" to visit has become one of the premier foodie destinations on the internet. The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and on and on have featured the web site as `the' place to be for the `finer things in life.'

The rave reviews are right on. Just about any topic relating to food is housed at Sally's site. Restaurant reviews, travel stories relating to food, and hundreds of recipes are available to anyone who surfs in.

La Varenne Cooking School diva Anne Willan, Napa Valley's Antonia Allegra, and cookbook authors Irena Chalmers (The Great Food Almanac) are among the biggies that share tips and quips.

And you can listen to radio interviews with food personalities: Julia Child, Claudine and Jacques Pepin, Paul Prudhomme, Martin Yan and Mark Miller.

Just search for "Sally's Place." Then, catch the wave and you'll be sittin' on top of the . . . cheesecake?


"Researchers and physicians have decided to call the miserable female condition of flaming faces `hot flushes,"' says a publication from the American Institute for Cancer Research.

The nerve! What does a predominately male group know about HOT FLASHES?

Why, the name change is ridiculous. Multitidues of hot flashers have sweat hard for their place in the Kleenex Hall O' Flame.


It had to happen. A Brooklyn company is selling SPAM clocks.

Thankfully, the timepieces aren't made from the gelatinous gob itself, but from empty SPAM cans.

You can order one for $27. Call (888)378-8337.