Here it is, folks, the green gauntlet has been thrown atcha!

James Arrington, the multi-personality star of the "Farley Family Reunion" has consulted his alter-ego, Aunt Pearl, and she has graciously agreed to hostess the dandiest gelatin competition ever held in a barn.And . . . they call it Mellow Jell-O.

When: Saturday marning, Aug. 1, at 10 a.m.

Where: Wheeler Historic Farm, 6351 S. 900 East, Murray.

Exactly where: In the Barn (next to the carn)

Here are the contest rules according to Aunt Pearl, Farley Jell-O Queen from 1956 to 1997. Unfortunately, she lost her title last year to Martha Stewart, a pushy person from "back East."

"Heck, she won fair and square . . . paid them judges lotsa money. Why she broke "the mold!" said Pearl during a recent kitchen interview.


There are five categories to enter your Jell-O creation:

- Jell-O Appetizer

- Jell-O Salad

- Jell-O Main Dish (Aunt Pearl is still raving about the Jell-O Chicken Delight she et at one of these Jell-O doins').

- Jell-O Dessert

- The "Prettiest" Jell-O presentation (use your imagination, folks).

Entries must be on the judging table in the barn at 9:45 a.m. on Aug. 1.

Limit: 2 category entries per family.

A written, publishable, recipe must be on display next to your Jell-O thing. (Winners will be featured in an upcoming Deseret News Food Section.)

Winners will receive tickets for their family to attend the "Farley Family Reunion," a copy of "Aunt Pearl's Personal Pointers on How to Farley up Your Family Reunion," and other wondrous prizes, still being gathered up from around the valley.

There's no red tape - just show up with your finest Jell-O creation.

The winning entries will be chosen by a tasteful team of judges, including Deseret News Food Editor Jean Williams, Aunt Pearl and several now-being-searched-for-celebrity Jell-O afficionados.

See ya thar! Heck! You might be molding yourself a future in the Farley Family Hall of Blame!