Yardage: 498/Blues; 485/Whites; 416/Reds

Layout: Perhaps the most unique hole in Utah with half the hole inside of a race track that sometimes has horses working out. Out of bounds lurks on the right side and behind the small green.

Short and sweet: As you cross from the 6th green to the 7th tee, you're greeted by a sign that says "Caution: Horses Working."

Professionally speaking: "Everyone who plays here talks about this hole. We have to close the course four to five times a year because of races. A lot of times when jockeys are working out, they have to back off because of the golfers." - Kirk Rosenlof, course manager


Off the tee: It's hard to miss with your drive on one of the widest driving areas in the state. You have a huge area in the infield of the track to aim for and it's 300 yards to the track.

2nd shot: You want to make sure you get past the track in two. If you land on the track, it is treated as a lateral water hazard. You can try to hit the ball, but you can't ground your club.

Approach to green: It is easy to miss the green, but don't go too long or too far right or you'll be out of bounds. The horse stalls on the right are just 15 yards off the fairway to the right.

On the green: The green is very small with a lot of undulations.