Just how clean is Payson?

Apparently it's squeaky enough for a majority of City Council members, who scrapped a cleanup project proposed recently by Mayor Gordon Taylor and favored by Payson city royalty.Pageant queen Naomi Bolz suggested that service clubs get involved along with other volunteers. She said the Mayor's Payson City Pride concept fit into the upcoming Onion Days theme of "Community of Opportunity."

But Councilman Van Canann said the city already has beautification programs in place. "I'm afraid this would be insulting to the people who are doing this," he said. Councilwoman Pam Wilson agreed. She said the city is enjoying its second year of volunteerism, kicked off last year by the Mormon pioneer sesquicentennial celebration. Volunteer projects included beautifying and cleaning up the town, and a community-wide project was to be held July 18.

Taylor countered that his proposal would clean up areas long neglected. "It is not stepping on toes," he said. "You can't have too many projects to clean up a community," he said.

Councilman Bernell Evans said most of the work is done during one or two weeks. "One week does not a cleanup make," he said.