In recent years, the number of traditional families has decreased and the number of single-parent families has risen dramatically. Because of this change taking place, we are relying very heavily on day-care centers to take care of our children. While it is very important that society provide such services, it does not take the responsibility away from the parents to raise their children. It is time that parents stop looking for other people to blame for the behavior of their children. We need to be involved in the lives of our children so that we know what is going on in their lives enough to help them. The more time we spend with them, the more opportunities we have to influence them in a positive way. How many of us are spending at least an hour a day with our children?

Time spent now with our children is time spent preventing them from being out on the streets causing problems. Our children are the future, and for this reason, we must prepare them to deal with the future. This responsibility falls upon the parents' heads. We brought them into the world; they are our responsibility. We cannot look to our neighbors nor our teachers to do this work. It is our job, and it is time that we stand up and take charge. If we do not, we will see the problems in our society rise higher and higher. If we do our part now, we can prevent our children from making these mistakes when we are not there to help out.Our children should be the first priority in our lives, and it is time that we begin to look to help improve our children's lives. If we will get involved with their schooling, in their extracurricular activities, in all that they do, we will help them to have a better life, and it will help our society to be a better and safer place for everyone.

Scott Higley