This is in response to your July 13 editorial "Death of liability bill is shameful." The Utah Citizens Alliance believes the passage of the product liability bill would have been shameful in that it was a disgraceful effort to subvert our civil justice system, allowing corporations to escape financial responsibility for the harm and damage they cause innocent citizens.

This legislation would have made it impossible for Americans nationwide who suffer death or devastating injuries at the hands of corporate wrongdoers to be fully compensated for their harm. It would have added to the obstacles for consumers who are hurt by defective products, toxic chemicals and dangerous drugs they already face in bring offenders to justice. In some cases, taxpayers would have had to pay for what wrongdoers who escaped responsibility under this legislation.Yes, the killing of the product liability bill is an incredible victory for all consumers. This is a time when corporate profits are booming, liability cost for businesses are declining steadily, and evidence of product defects and toxic hazards are widespread. Big Business wants to shed itself of accountability for their products when consumers are injured or killed. Big Business has bought enough seats in the U.S. Senate to have its legislation introduced year after year. It is the citizens' job, year after year, to foil their efforts, and so far we've been successful.

Consumers don't like being referred to as parasites taking wealth away from wrongdoers but want to be seen as respected and dignified human beings to vindicate their right and obtain compensation from wrongdoers.

LaRee Miller, executive director

Utah Citizens Alliance

for Safety and Accountability

Salt Lake City