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Glover visits Mandela, whom he played in film

SHARE Glover visits Mandela, whom he played in film

Actor Danny Glover put aside all his lethal weapons during recent visits to Namibia and South Africa as a United Nations goodwill ambassador.

"These are two countries that are dealing with inequities that have accumulated over 300 years," Glover said this week. "When I see them now, I feel it remarkable."Glover, who starred in the 1987 HBO movie "Mandela," also got a chance to visit with South African President Nelson Mandela, who celebrated his 80th birthday during Glover's visit last week.

As a goodwill ambassador, the co-star of the "Lethal Weapon" series is helping spread the message that people can organize themselves to improve their lives. Glover also said his mission is to spread "tolerance and understanding and compassion for what has happened in the past, and what the past is."