Former Air Force Academy cadet David Graham, once an honor student and aspiring fighter pilot, was found guilty on Friday of capital murder for killing a teenage girl to prove his love for a jealous fiance.

Graham, 20, received an automatic life sentence with no possibility of parole for 40 years. At the request of the victim's parents, the prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.The clean-cut Graham stood ramrod straight and showed little emotion when the jury's verdict was read. But, later, he wept and prayed with his parents in the courtroom.

The punishment was the same as that given to his fiance, former U.S. Naval Academy midshipman Diane Zamora, who was convicted in a February trial for her part in the murder.

Graham was convicted of killed 16-year-old Adrianne Jones by bludgeoning her and firing two bullets from a 9 mm pistol into her head early on Dec. 4, 1995, in a rural area near Fort Worth, Texas.

In a confession to police, Graham said Zamora flew into a jealous rage when he told her he had sex with Jones after a high school track meet. She ordered him to kill Jones to prove his love, he said.

Zamora, who conceived the murder plot, stood by shouting "shoot her, kill her, shoot her," while he fired the fatal shots.