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- Wednesday, July 29

Gallery 303 (F303 Harris Fine Arts Center, BYU, Provo, 378-2881) - Final shows by BYU students Jeff Goodsell and Tracy Holmes through Aug. 14.

- Friday, July 31

Art Barn/Finch Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) - Paintings and woodcuts by Royden Card and prints and painted gourds by Jenni Christensen through Sept. 11. Artist reception Friday, July 31, 6-8 p.m.

Art Barn/Park Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) - "Angels & Aliens," featuring work by local youth, sponsored by Bad Dog Rediscovers America, a non-profit urban children's art education program based in Salt Lake City. The exhibit runs through Sept. 11. Reception Friday, July 31, 6-8 p.m.

Atrium Gallery (fifth floor, Salt Lake Public Library) - Works by Downy-Doxie-Marshall through Sept. 5. Reception Wednesday, Aug. 5, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

- Saturday, Aug. 1

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) - "Andy Warhol: Marilyn Series" through August.

Oasis Cafe - Golden Braid Books (151 S. 500 East, 322-1162) - Works by Ida Bagua Rai, I. Nyoman Suradyna, Ida Bagus Nadera and M.D. Karya through Sept. 15.

Petersen Art Center Gallery (1025 E. 2100 South, 467-5444) - "Audrey Morgan: Her Art . . . Her Stroke . . . Her Art" through Aug. 15. Reception Saturday, Aug. 1, 6-8:30 p.m.


Alpine Art and The Robin Grey Gallery (430 E. South Temple, 355-1155) - "Sky in Motion, Etched in Stone," featuring art of ancient solar and lunar calendars, through Aug. 5.

Anderson-Foothill Library (1135 S. 2100 East, 524-8278) - Watercolors by Swantje John-son Hollenhorst through Sept. 2. Artist reception Friday, July 31, 7 p.m.

Aperture Gallery (307 W. 200 South, No. 1003, 363-9700) - "Urban Texture: The Art of the City," featuring photography by Peter J. Firth and Marc Reynolds, through Aug. 28. Also, "A Desert Cross Section," featuring photographs by Norm Shrewsbury, through July 31.

Art Works Inc. (14 E. 300 South, 363-1717) - A rotating exhibit of works by Ann DerGara, T.L. Lang, Enrico Embroli and Annora Spence.

Artspace Artists Association (337 W. Pierpont Ave., California Rubber and Tire Building) - New works and works in progress.

C Gallery (466 S. 500 East, 359-8625) - "B is for bronzes: Small bronze birds" through Aug. 31.

Chase Home Museum (Liberty Park, 533-5760) - "Creating Utah: The Folk & Their Art," featuring artwork by nearly 100 contemporary Utah folk artists, through the summer.

Cherry Street Gallery (4790 S. Cherry St., 281-0075) - "Save These Trees," featuring landscape paintings by Ken Baxter. Also, works by Julie Jacobson, Lee Anne Walker, Ian Ramsey, Red Allen, Jim Despain, Steve Harvey, Randall Lake, Julie Jacobson, Cynthia Binyon, Don Coy, Rick Jackson, Dave Soren-son, Scott Ruston, Steve Harvey, Paul Brim-hall and Arlene Connolly.

Cordell Taylor Studio/Gallery (575 W. 200 South, 355-0333) - "Skeletal Resolutions," featuring sculptures by Cathryn Mallory, through Aug. 24.

Day-Riverside Branch Library (1575 W. 1000 North, 524-8287) - An exhibit by Kimberly P. Alleman through Aug. 28.

D.B. Gallery (125 E. 6100 South, Murray, 268-9562) - Ongoing exhibit of Utah artists Richard Murray, Dave Keough and Jim Weiss.

Dolores Chase Gallery* (260 S. 200 West, 328-2787) - Posters, prints and original art by Edie Roberson, Lee Deffebach, Ted Wass-mer, Brian Kershisnik, Wulf Barsch, Margaret Morrison and more. The show and sale runs through Aug. 1.

Don Brady Drive Through Gallery (1301 S. 2100 East, 582-4500) - "ULURU: Aboriginal Art of Australia" through Aug. 1.

East Millcreek Library (2266 E. Evergreen Ave., 943-4636) - Various media by Stacee Clayton and watercolors by Wilma Clayton through July.

Framery (1519 S. 1500 East) - Works by Glania Perova.

F. Weixler Gallery (132 E St., 534-1014) - Works by Valoy Eaton, Harrison Groutage, Kimball Warren, Karl Thomas and Dennis Smith and others.

Holladay Library (2150 E. 4800 South, 943-4636, ext. 334) - Oils by Heinz Schwemmer and acrylics and watercolors by Virginia Clarkson of the Intermountain Society of Artists. Exhibit runs through July.

King's Cottage Gallery (2233 S. 700 East, 486-5019) - Landscapes by Gregory D. Stocks through Aug. 14.

Lamb's Restaurant (169 S. Main, 364-7166) - Fine art photography by Michael Lowe through July.

Leftbank Gallery* (242 S. 200 West, 539-0343) - Handmade paper works by Kathy Cartier and abstract photographs by Howard Wilkerson through July 31.

Light Spot (1043 E. 900 South) - "GI-GAN-TI/DRAGHGLI/EROI" (the Giants, the Dragons, the Heroes), featuring glass from Murano, Italy, by artisans Noti Massari, Renato Toso and Roberto Pamio.

Lost Art Gallery (4699 Holladay Blvd., 568-0659) - Metaphysical/New Age art.

Moonbird Studio (353 W. 200 South, Studio No. 301, 322-3816) - Kids' art from "Bad Dog Rediscovers America," urban kids mentoring project. Exhibit is ongoing.

Museum of Church History and Art (45 N. West Temple, 240-2299) - "Artwork of Faith and Purpose," featuring artwork that has been purchased for temples, meetinghouses, visitor's centers, pubic momuments, etc., through Jan. 18. Also, "Sunday School: 150 Years of Teaching the Gospel," featuring the Centennial Box of 1949 and other historical objects, through Nov. 15. Also, "A Season, a Time and a Purpose: Images of the Sacred in Landscape," featuring paintings by 27 Latter-day Saint artists, through Nov. 1. Also, "The Homemade Kingdom: Nineteenth-century Mor-mon Regional Furniture," featuring furniture created by 19th-century LDS converts, through Jan. 18.

Nativo (353 W. 200 South, 531-8555) - Con-temporary interpretations of antique Victorian jewelry by Cheryl Elliot.

Oasis Cafe - Golden Braid Books (151 S. 500 East, 322-1162) - Watercolor book illustrations and paintings by Vera Rosenberg through July 31.

Phillips Gallery* (444 E. 200 South, 364-8284) - "Annual Summer Group Show," featuring work by the gallery's prominent artists, through Sept. 11.

Repartee Gallery* (Valley Fair Mall, 955-1224) - Prints by Liz Lemon Swindle, Greg Olsen, James Christensen, Scott Gustufson, Bev Doolittle, Stephen Lyman and more.

Salt Lake Art Center* (20 S. West Temple) - "Water," featuring work by 30 of Utah's best artists giving their interpretations, through Oct. 4. Some of the artists are Ansel Adams, Anna Campbell Bliss, Teresa Flowers, Brian Kershisnik, Craig Law, Edie Roberson, Doug Snow, Bonnie Sucec and many others. In the upstairs gallery is "The Weather is Beautiful. . . Wish You Were Here," featuring group art by Gene Banks, Robin Clifford, Marsha Ellis, Darren Jenkins, Chris Lynn and Shilo Rives, through Aug. 16.

Salt Lake Community College (Markosian Library Art Gallery, Redwood Campus, 4600 S. Redwood Road, 957-4905) - "The Spirit of Nature: Works by James Schnirel" through July 30.

Sandy City Library (10100 S. Petunia Way [1450 East]) - "Farmers," featuring oil paintings by Larry Christensen, through July.

Schorr Gallery - West Jordan City Hall (8000 S. Redwood Road, 569-5100) - Works by Larry W. Christensen through July 29.

Sego Gallery (637 E. 500 South, 328-9848) - Group show with works by Kathy Wilson, Ken Baxter and Sam Collett.

Silvertip Gallery (664 Union Square, Sandy, 571-9504) - Ongoing exhibition of sculpture by William L. Jorgensen, Dee Jorgensen, R.L. Blair, Victor Reece, Avard Fairbanks and Shawn Beeler.

Sprague Branch Library (2131 S. 1100 East, 524-8280) - "Piecework: Mixed Media" by Susan Price through Sept. 8.

Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery (627 Trolley Square) - Exclusively showing Kinkade's works. His original painting, "Bridge of Faith," is on exhibit, as well as other limited edition canvases and paper images.

Thomas Kinkade Showcase Gallery (Gardner Village, 1100 W. 7800 South, West Jordan, 255-3004) - Specializes in custom-framed Thomas Kinkade art and collectibles. Exhibit ongoing.

Tivoli Gallery* (255 S. State, 521-6288) - Patented process sculpture and acrylic paintings by Rose Marie Russell.

Twiggs & Moore Art Gallery (Gardner Historic Village, 1095 W. 7800 South, West Jordan, 255-3004) - Works by Greg Olsen, James Christensen, Arnold Friberg, Nancy Glazier and more. Exhibit ongoing.

Tyler Library (315 Wood St., Midvale) - Colored pencil drawings by Joanne Wood of the Intermountain Society of Artists through July.

Union Gallery (Olpin Student Union, University of Utah, 245 University Union, 581-7469) - "Pears and Dinosaurs," featuring paintings by Alison Malville and non-silver photographs by Michael Roberts, through July 31.

University Hospital (Medical Drive, second floor) - Fifteen works from the permanent collection of the Salt Lake Art Center that refer to our environment. The exhibit runs through Sept. 20.

Urban Arts Gallery (Second floor, Trolley Square, 322-3111) - Group show with Karl Pace, Tom Mulder, Richard Murray and Jim Stewart.

Utah Museum of Fine Art* (University of Utah, South Campus Drive, 581-7332) -"Renaissance at the Jungle's Edge: Genesis, Prohibition and Rebirth in the Art of the Asmat" and "Dancing in the Face of Power: Masks from the Owen D. Mort Jr. Collection of African Art," through today. Also, "The Val A. Browning Memorial Collection of 500 Years of European Masterworks," featuring paintings by Brueghel, Gainsborough, Fragonard, Corot, Van Dyke, Vigee Le Brun and many others. The exhibit will run indefinitely.

Williams Fine Art* (Main Lobby, Eagle Gate Plaza, 60 E. South Temple, 534-0331) - Several pieces by Utah UPA artist Howell Rosenbaum. Also, works by early Utah artists including John Hafen, J.T. Harwood, LeConte Stewart, Maynard Dixon and others, through Aug. 31.

* Member, Salt Lake Art Dealers Association.


Artists' Gallery (95 E. Telegraph St., St. George, 628-9293) - Work by Katy Hansen through July.

Art Shack (Sundance Resort, Provo Canyon) - "Young Contemporaries Utah," featuring the work of artists from Utah's uni-versity art departments who won awards in 1997. The exhibit runs through the summer.

Brigham City Museum-Gallery (24 N. 300 West, Brigham City, 723-6769) - "26th Annual Quilt Festival," featuring quilts by such artists as Rebecca Clark Knudsen, Charlotte Warr Andersen and Zina Marriott, through Aug. 1.

The Coda Gallery (804 Main, Park City, 655-3803) - "Group Show," featuring David Dornan, Chris Young, Brad Aldridge, Paul and Silvia Davis, Ray Hare, Patty Kimball, Ron Richmond, Doug Himes, A.D. Shaw, Dennis Smith and many more. The gallery also shows jewelry, glasswork and fabrics.

Eccles Community Art Center (2580 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 392-6935) - Work from the 24th annual statewide competition through Aug. 29.

Fairview Museum of History & Art (85 S. 100 East, Fairview, 427-9216) - "Turn, Turning, Turned: Contemporary Wood Objects" through Aug. 15. Also, 40 additions to the Theodore Milton Wassmer collection, including Osral Allred, Bonnie Posselli, Rick Graham, Will South, Lee Deffebach, Wulf Barsch and others. Also, the museum collection of Avard Fairbanks, Florence Ware, Jon Rappleye, Ella Peacock, John Heber Stans-field, Lee Udall Bennion and others.

Flat Rabbit Gallery (421 Main, Park City, 435-649-2155) - Paintings by Pilar Pobil, David Montanoro, Jan Perkins and Guy Buffets signed limited editions. Exhibit ongoing.

Heritage Museum of Layton (403 Wasatch Drive, Layton, 546-3524) - An exhibition of clothing, artifacts and photographs of the Alexander Dawson family through August.

Historic Utah County Courthouse (51 S. University Ave. #213, Provo) - Paintings by Floyd Victor Cornaby through July.

Kimball Art Center (638 Park Ave., Park City, 649-8882) - Main gallery: "The 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Invitational Exhibition," featuring artwork from around the West, through Sept. 1.

Meyer Gallery (305 Main, Park City, 649-8160) - Paintings by Alexander Selytin and Travis Humphreys through August.

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) - "Allegories of Empires," featuring bird lithographs of the British empire during the 19th century. The exhibit runs through Sept. 5. Also, "The Art of Architecture: Works by Winners of the Pritzker Architecture Prize," featuring 140 large photographs, 10 models and drawings that spotlight the recipients of the profession's most prestigious award. The exhibit runs through Oct. 10. Also, "150 Years of American Painting," artwork from BYU's permanent collection, on display through August 1999.

Myra Powell Gallery (Union Station, 2501 Wall Ave., Ogden, 629-8444) - "Annual Invitational Exhibit," featuring the work of more than 15 artists from the intermountain area, through August.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (650 N. 1100 East, Logan, 797-0163) - "Ice Blue: Paintings of Antartica" by David Rosenthal and "Sacred Images: Photography from Southern Utah" by Craig Law, John Telford, Tom Till and Phillip Hyde. Both shows run through Aug. 14. Also, ceramic works by Tim Mather through Aug. 17.

Park City Gallery (592 Main, Park City, 649-4514) - Oils by Gary Smith and Steve McGinty and pastels by Yugoslavian artist Marinko Cetvei.

Springville Museum of Art (126 E. 400 South, Springville, 489-2727) - "The 25th Annual National Quilt Show," featurings quilts from around the country, through Aug. 9. Also, paintings by Sam Collett through Aug. 9. Also, recent sculptures and paintings by Raymond Vincent Jonas and Noel Christian Jonas through Aug. 2. Also, print etchings by LeConte Stewart at the Works on Paper gallery through July 30.

St. George Art Museum (47 E. 200 North, St. George, 634-5942) - "The Triumphant Spirit: A National Photographic Project Remembering the Survivors of the Holocaust," featuring 51 portraits of individuals who survived Nazi death camps in their youth. Also, "Two Corners of a Mirror: an international exhibition of photographic artwork." Both exhibits run through Aug. 8.

Torrey Gallery (80 E. Main, Torrey, 425-3909) - "Group Photography Show," featuring 11 photographers living in or working in Utah, through July. Also, works by artists who live in or are influenced by the Capitol Reef area: Doug Snow, Tony Smith, Paul Davis, Sylvia Davis, Wulf Barsch, Bonnie Posselli, Carol Brown, Patricia Kimball, Doug Braith-waite, David Muench, John Telford, Susan Beck, Scott Peterson and Lyman Whitaker.

Worthington Gallery (789 Zion Park Blvd., Springdale, 435-772-3446) - Pottery by Greg Worthington, Jim Stewart, Bruce Larrabee and Suzanne Storer. Also, paintings by Willamarie Huelskamp and sculptures by Lyman Whitaker.


The Hispanic Fiesta Days is accepting entries for its poster competition. Entrants may enter drawings, photographs or paintings that represent the Hispanic heritage in Utah. Entries must be in color. The award is 100. For more information call 261-4298 or 943-5295.

The Helper Arts Festival is accepting applications for its 4th Annual exhibit that will run Sept. 12 and 13. Interested artists should contact Framed Art Gallery at 435-472-8655 or Helper Main Stree Program at 435-472-0161.

The Utah Arts Council's Public Art Program announces a Request for Proposals for the creation of an art work for a new state building being built at 250 N. 1950 West in Salt Lake City. The new building will house the Division of Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired as well as the Utah State Library Division. Interested artists and artist teams are encouraged to apply. To receive an application and more information, contact Jim Glenn of the Utah Public Arts Program at 533-4039. Application deadline is Sept. 29 at 5 p.m.