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Flag desecrators confused

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I have read with great interest during the recent weeks the opinions on desecration of the American flag and a proposed constitutional amendment to protect it from such. The opinions come from every angle, and some are spun marvelously with logic that compounds the incredible with utter confusion. Some do a kind of patriotic gymnastic as they say, "Don't destroy the Constitution and free speech by passing an amendment that would restrict our pursuit of happiness," which at times include flag burning.

Others, including veterans, politicians, students and civil activists, proclaim, "I love America so don't deny me the right to burn the flag anytime I am frustrated and want to protest and disagree." Excuse me if I don't get it.Flag desecrators create a very amusing irony in the protests that make them all look very foolish. They become a sort of victim of their own misperceptions. The flag they choose to desecrate is not the imperfect Constitution, an imperfect form of government or corrupt politicians, and no person should be forced to pay respect or reverence to any of these. The flag they want the freedom to burn represents a noble desire and quest to obtain the highest form of all of this. It represents the best we are capable of doing, and still striving to achieve, I hope.

We want our children to experience freedom. It is our best efforts that accomplish this, and possibly a symbol, such as a flag to represent these efforts. When confused desecrators burn the symbol of this, they mock and protest against all their freedoms and ours. They show contempt for the very freedom that lets them burn the flag. So the joke is really on them. I guess you could say they are dysfunctional desecrators. And in a display of their mentality they seem to say, "Give me liberty and the best freedom has to offer, right now, or death by burning, to the symbol that represents it."

David M. Christensen