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Room for improvement

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In response to Davis County Commissioner Carol R. Page's recently published question, "If someone is doing a good job, why challenge (Lakeside Review, June 16, 1998)," elected officials should never presume they are without room for improvement. Neither should they feel that incumbency entitles them to re-election.

At the beginning of my campaign, people throughout the county expressed dissatisfaction with Commissioner Page. Since then, these same people have reported dramatic improvement in her job performance and interpersonal relations. In fact, the two people who initially asked me to consider running for Commission Seat B eventually endorsed Mrs. Page in her newspaper advertisements.Despite last week's polling results, I ran a winning campaign. The people of Davis County had a viable alternate candidate, Commissioner Page has redoubled her efforts, and I have launched my public service career.

Thanks to my supporters and best wishes to Commissioner Page.

Michael J. Cragun