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‘60s started tragic trend

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The editorial, "Fathers, your family needs you," in the Viewpoint section of the News of Sunday, June 21, is excellent in stating the statistics of the family disasters occurring daily and nightly because fathers are not in the homes of more than 17 million children in America. What is curiously, and apparently purposely, absent from the article is some discussion of the basic reasons for this social pandemic.

This disgraceful and tragic social disease that started to expand exponentially with the advent of the feminist movement in America, strongly abetted by the "liberal" nonsense of the 1960s, will now be nearly impossible to cure.I can well remember Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, et al., spouting, "Don't trust anyone over 30," "If it feels good, do it," "Make love, not war," etc., etc., etc. Who could forget the wonderful feminist agenda that accompanied the rantings of these misbegotten "leftist liberals"? Recall with me the sexual revolution, women's liberation, value judgment, miscegenation, the new morality (formerly known as immorality), homophilia, multiculturalism, AIDS, ad infinitum. There is even a new propaganda effort by the gay-lesbian cohorts to claim lesbian or gay couples who have "two kids and two dogs" as a model of support of "family values."

These are some of the major factors (and stupidity) that have driven the fathers from their children.

Franklin Walker