Ashley, 11, born on May 14, 1987, is an active, coordinated girl. She likes basketball, soccer and swim-ming.

She loves to watch movies. Ashley is an intelligent child, with no developmental delays in school although emotional issues sometimes hold her back. Ashley has trouble getting along with peers, often starting an argument and then acting like the victim. She has been in 10 foster homes and is currently living in a group home so her ability to maintain relationships remains a challenge. Ashley wishes for a family she can trust and grow up with. She also has a younger sister she would like to stay in contact with.Ashley is participating in therapy for emotional issues at her group home. She will need a continued form of therapy upon placement. She would be best as an only child but she could also be the youngest in a family. A two-parent or single mother family would best suit Ashley. Financial aid for medical care and therapy as well as travel assistance is available.