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Layton to reconsider carwash proposal

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Do apartments and carwashes fit together? Does Layton need a carwash on the northwest side of town?

These are questions the City Council is pondering as it reconsiders a request for a carwash at 2075 N. Main, in front of the Hidden Cove Apartment complex and just west of Kmart.The council turned down the request last month, believing a carwash business would produce too much noise and light pollution for the apartment residents. It preferred a professional business on the property instead.

However, Bach Development owns the vacant business lot in front of the apartments and believes it is suitable for a carwash. The company wants to sell the land to another group that would build a Futura carwash there and has asked the council to reconsider.

As the council studies the request, it is also being examined by city staff and will be referred to the Planning Commission - to be addressed at its July 14 meeting.

Steve Tobias of Bach Development told the council Thursday nightthat a carwash would produce little noise or nighttime lighting problems to apartment complex dwellers, located about 150 feet away.

He also said the carwash would be constructed out of brick to match the apartment design.

Tobias also referred to a similar situation in Reno, Nev., where a carwash and apartment complex co-exist with no problems.

Regarding nighttime usage, Bach officials say the carwash could be shut down at 11 p.m. if that's what the council believes is best for the area.

Councilman Brent Allen said that while the noise from the carwash itself may be minimal, the noise from the vehicles using it - car doors slamming, etc., - might not be so light.

City Manager Alex Jensen said a developer's agreement might be the best thing to ensure the proposed carwash and apartments get along.