I find your headline "Murray voters want smokestacks razed" incredible. The last time I checked, the ballot asked Murray voters if they were willing to take ownership and fund the full preservation effort without any guarantee that the developers and ASARCO would financially help even though they are responsible for the contamination cleanup and stand to gain millions in revenue. If the voters were asked if they wanted the developers to save the stacks and incorporate them into their development, I can guarantee that the vote would have had an entirely different outcome.

About 20 years ago, Murray voters went to the polls and voted 3 to 1 to keep the stacks if no public money was needed. I would hope that the interested public now insist that the Boyer Company incorporate these valleywide landmarks into their development design. If Boyer sees through "rose-colored glasses," as you have reported, perhaps they should clean their glasses and visualize the stabilized chimney's true marketing and retail space potential. A 450-foot lighted billboard is a marketing gold mine. As Lee Benson noted, KFC capitalized on it for over 30 years. Chimney Ridge can, too.Lynn Chatterton