Usher's female fans are so ravenous that when he travels, decoys dressed like him are sent into the crowd so he can make his getaway. But when a family friend needed a prom date, he went out without any backup.

"I had never been to a prom and I thought, `Maybe I can get away with it.' I didn't take any security. I took a lot of pictures and I wore an all-cream tux. I try to be unique," the soul and R&B sensation told The Washington Post for a story published Sunday.The 19-year-old crooner, born Usher Raymond IV, is one of the world's hottest R&B singers, with his album "My Way" going triple-platinum. His song, "You Make Me Wanna . . . ," went No. 1, as did "Nice & Slow." He also acts, appearing on "Moesha," and has joined the cast of the daytime soap "The Bold and the Beautiful."