As Linda Tripp returned Tuesday for a third day of testimony in the Monica Lewinsky investigation, the Maryland state's attorney opened a grand jury probe into whether her secret tape recordings of the former White House intern violated state law.

Maryland prosecutor Stephen Montanarelli said a grand jury there would look into whether Tripp violated the state's wiretapping law.Montanarelli said he placed the matter before a grand jury in Howard County, Md., where Tripp lives and where the state prosecutor said "the alleged tape recordings took place."

Montanarelli said there was no reason to continue to defer to Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr's investigation since Tripp has now testified to the federal grand jury assisting Starr's investigation.

At a federal courthouse here, meantime, Tripp returned for another appearance, presumably to provide the grand jury a detailed account of her contact with Lewinsky.

Charles Bakaly, a spokesman for Starr, said over the weekend that the grand jury has been asking a lot of questions and that Starr is moving the probe along as quickly as possible.