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Plans for Daniel’s Canyon subdivision advance

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It might end up having the most expensive building lots ever in the city, but plans are finally moving ahead for the Daniel's Canyon subdivision, located east of the Snow Canyon subdivision at 3316 E. 1300 North.

Requests for an annexation and a rezone of land for the proposed development came to the city last November. Progress has been slow because of the extensive infrastructure that will be required on the land.Property owner Neil Wall wants to annex 13 acres of foothill county land into Layton. Then, he wants to rezone that land, plus four more acres already in the city limits from agricultural zoning to residential use with lot sizes of 10,000 square feet.

Community development director Scott Carter said the development would be above city water tanks. Thus, Wall would be required to build a large water tank with the homes. Carter said that isn't cheap.

Wall estimates he can get 14 or 15 lots on the land.

Mayor Jerry Stevenson said he believes those lots will end up as the most expensive ones in the city, given the water tank and other special requirements there.

Carter said some extensive geotechnical studies will also be required because this is a steep hillside area. In addition, some special erosion and drainage concerns must be addressed.

For example, Carter said, streets in Daniel's Canyon will need storm drain grates that run across the entire width of the street to catch runoff. That type of drain is rare in Layton.

Also, some special re-vegetation of the hillside will be required. Carter said cuts in that hillside made many years ago are still bare - demonstrating the need for such a requirement.

The proposed lot size is consistent with the Snow Canyon subdivision to the west.

While the council has granted approval for the annexation and rezone, it will still have two more opportunities to review the subdivision, during the site plan OK and final approval.

Wall said he's also planning on providing only local access to the Bonneville shoreline trail through his subdivision. With no parking lot or marked trailhead, the path to the foothills would simply be an easement for the neighborhood.

As a member of the Davis County Trails Committee, Wall said that kind of plan is OK with the committee. There is full parking and trail access available at nearby Fernwood and there will be eventually at Adams Canyon.

Wall said the subdivision is named after his son, Daniel. It is actually located between Snow and Adams canyons. Wall's home remains on the hillside to the east in unincorporated county land. It is not included in this development.