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If dogs aren’t bad enough! Chimp gives postman scare

SHARE If dogs aren’t bad enough! Chimp gives postman scare

It sounds like one of Curious George's adventures. This involved a chimp named Herbie - and he scared a postman out of his mail truck.

Arthur Warden was stopped at a mailbox on his route Monday when Herbie leaped through the passenger window. Warden got scared and abandoned the truck, with the 4-foot-6 Herbie right behind him."He grabbed me, and I grabbed him," Warden said. "He got hold of me and we were standing toe to toe. His face was within a foot of mine. I thought it was going to get real bad.

"I was yelling, `Get the monkey off of me!' He was stronger than me, that's all I can tell you," Warden said.

Herbie lives in the house of his owner, Joyce Wriston, who said the chimp just wanted to play.

"He loves everybody. He thinks everybody is his friend," she said. "He wants to socialize with everyone."

Wriston was able to calm the chimp by taking him to get a Coke and ice cream. She was later cited for not keeping him on a leash.