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Hot Stuff: Wedges

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Top selling clubs

1. Cleveland RTG Extra spin preferred by pros

2. Cleveland Chrome All-time favorite

3. Callaway X-12 Forgiveness and feel

4. Delta Rite-On Performance and price

5. Mizuno T-Zoid Pro Supurb feel and touch

6. Pinseeker Soft Cast Soft steel = great feel

7. Wilson Harmonized Great around the green

8. Cobra Trusty Rusty Versatile

9. MacGregor Grass 'n Sand 50, 54, 56, 60 and 64 degree lofts

10 Titleist Forged Made to match pro spec

A solid short game is vital to shooting a lower score. And good wedge play is vital to a good short game. As a result, an infusion of wedges of varying materials and lofts have entered the marketplace. Two qualities important to a good wedge are feel and spin. Because accuracy is crucial in the short game, golfers want a precise feel when hitting shots onto the green. Wedges must also put adequate spin on the ball, allowing players to stop the ball close to the hole. Wedges such as the Cleveland RTG and Cobra Trusty Rusty are actually designed to rust, enabling more spin to be put on the ball.