The owners of Utah County's Cookies By Design franchise, Tom and Martha Wright, are properly educated in the business of cookies.

They've been to "cookie college" for three weeks for the recipe.That's just part of the basic requirement for franchise owners as they come on line with the national cookie company that features designer treats in the form of cookies on a stick.

"We're not bakers," Tom Wright said. "Our son got a cookie bouquet from his girlfriend and my wife was so impressed she told me that's what she wanted to do. Martha's been a cookie guru for years. She's good at arts and crafts and this was a way to finally be able to use her talents."

The Wrights, who were living in St. George at the time, checked out the possibilities and decided to open a store in Provo at 3224 N. University Ave.

They've been in business now for five months, creating cookies that say anything and everything, from "Happy Birthday" to "You're Udderly Terrific" to "It's a Zoo Without You" complete with cows, flowers, and elephants.

They have cookie bouquets specific to almost any occasion one can think of: the birth of a new baby, anniversaries, missionary homecomings and farewells, retirements, the start-up of a new business or the purchase of a home.

With more than 300 cookie cutters to choose from, cookie designer Karen Summers can create all kinds of cookie people and bears, objects and creatures in all the colors.

How about a bouquet that says "Happy Birthday, You Old Buzzard" featuring a basketful of black birds? Or a host of dinosaurs wishing the "old fossil" a memorable day? Maybe a basket of "Hogs and Kisses" is the perfect message, or a bunch of top bananas.

"Everybody who comes in here says the same thing," Tom Wright said. " `I had no idea. This is so cool!' "

People can't get over the variety of possibilities in a cookie bouquet, he said. And even if they should happen to want something Cookies By Design doesn't already do, they can custom order it.

"We had a Jazz bouquet we created for the series that was popular," he said. "Our missionary bouquet was designed just for this area."

The bouquet features a Book of Mormon cookie (available in 27 languages), a letter home, an elder or two and the flag or country of the designated mission.

Companies can get cookies bearing their logo. Bears can be "dressed" in bikinis, sports team colors, as clowns, doctors, firemen or as members of a bridal party.

Each holiday can have a number of bouquets designed just for it. For Father's Day, the cookies look like money and tools and ties.

Seven cookies come in a standard bouquet for $38.50 set into one or a variety of containers, if desired. The cookies last for five to seven days and can be frozen.

Bigger bouquets can be ordered in baskets or a customer can just get one cookie in a mug. The company will deliver anywhere in the Utah Valley area from Point of the Mountain to Payson for a $5 fee and in St. George.

The cookies are fresh, baked the night before and decorated the next morning.

The national franchise, over the past 15 years, has perfected a cookie that stays moist and chewy while still able to stay standing on a stick.

The Wrights won't reveal any secrets but Tom Wright will say there are no preservatives in the cookies and they're delicious as well as colorful and fun.

"We tell people to give cookie bouquets instead of flowers. Unlike flowers that die, these are good for the week and then you can eat them! Our motto is, `Say it with cookies!' "

The company's phone number is 818-2177.