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Radicals taking over GOP

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The recent state Republican convention should prove to all Utahns just how far to the radical right that party has shifted. The delegates to that body endorsed such items as the ability to carry concealed weapons in such places as state buildings, hospitals, churches and schools, the adoption of a new anti-abortion plank that eliminated abortions in cases of incest, rape and the health of the mother and the approval of English as the state language, a measure that slaps all Utah ethnic groups in the face and goes against the spirit of the coming Olympics.

On top of this, they endorsed a clearly fascist idea of requiring all Republican candidates to sign a loyalty oath to the Republican platform.It looks to me like an extremist takeover of the Utah Republican Party is in full swing, led by the right-wing, which has been exemplified for years by Gayle Ruzicka and her busybody zealots. Is this really the kind of political rhetoric and lack of leadership we want to show the world in 2002? It scares me to death.

I would also like to ask Merrill Cook, the Republican who represents the moderate 2nd Congressional District that includes Salt Lake City, if he approves of these measures and if he plans to sign the loyalty oath supporting all aspects of the radical Republican agenda? How about it, Merrill, is this your program too?

Kent W. Price

Salt Lake City