The driver of the stolen car involved in the police chase that resulted in the fatal shooting of Alicia Avila by a Salt Lake County deputy sheriff, will spend up to 15 years in prison.

Third District Judge Tyrone E. Medley sentenced William Joseph Winn, 19, to three zero-to-five-year and one one-to-fifteen-year prison term during a court hearing Monday. The four sentences will run concurrently, and Winn will pay more than $3,000 in fines and restitution.Winn's charges stemmed from three separate car chases last year that began when police tried to stop stolen vehicles. Winn had been charged in two of those chases when he was spotted driving a stolen vehicle Dec. 20.

When Winn wouldn't stop the car, Salt Lake County deputy sheriff Mike Anderson pursued. The car crashed into a snowbank in a Millcreek neighborhood, and the three teens inside ran from the vehicle. Winn and another boy scaled a fence and got away, but 17-year-old Alicia Avila couldn't get over the fence before Anderson got to her.

Investigators said she turned toward Anderson with her hand raised. Anderson fired one shot into her chest, killing her. No weapon was found in the girl's possession, but a hairbrush was found on the ground next to her.

Winn's charges in all three chases amounted to six second- and third-degree felonies and five class B and C misdemeanors. In March he pleaded guilty to three third-degree and one second-degree felonies, for which he was sentenced Monday.