Novell Inc. has settled a trade secret misappropriation suit it filed last year against three former employees and their company, Timpanogos Research Group Inc.

The settlement with Timpanogos and Jeff Merkey, Darren Major and Larry Angus includes a dismissal of all claims filed between the parties, a permanent injunction against use or disclosure of Novell's trade secrets, and payment of an undisclosed sum to Novell by defendants."I regret what happened here. I mistakenly believed that, because we had developed certain technology while employed by Novell, we could take elements of that technology with us when we left. We have learned that the law does not work that way. We are pleased to put this behind us, and hope to find constructive ways to work together with Novell in the future," Timpanogos CEO Merkey said.

Major, Timpanogos president, added, "I too have learned a lot about the law of trade secrets. If there is a next time, I will handle things very differently. For now, however, I am pleased to be working on new projects for Timpanogos, which projects have nothing in common with my work at Novell."

Novell general counsel David Bradford, said, "It has never been our desire to prevent anyone from working in their careers. We have resolved this dispute to Novell's satisfaction, all the while providing complete protection for Novell's valuable intellectual property rights."