I am woman, hear me roar. I'll be more than happy to give Merlin Ross a "hearty, swift kick in the pants" if he is looking for someone, even a woman who wears pants (and dresses when the mood strikes), to do so. His opinion concerning women in leadership roles is just a bit behind times (approximately three decades). Women are quite capable of holding leadership roles while continuing to possess "softness in their appearance, behavior and thinking."

Judging everything in our times by biblical standards is not only extreme, but as irrational as never using the Bible as a standard at all. Women are useful for more than "be[ing] in charge of children, other women and unhealthy men." It is unfortunate that you fail to find women in charge "fun to be around."Are you hanging out with the right women? In such a sue-happy, litigation-minded, progressive (even here in Utah) society, Mr. Ross, consider your thoughts a bit longer before making such brash, sexist statements. Some of us are capable and suited to those tasks you deem impossible.

Shauna Griffen