Here are some tips and tricks from Home & Garden Television:

Ceiling spray: When removing an acoustic ceiling that could turn your floor into a disaster area, use a garden sprayer to wet the ceiling first. This will make the ceiling softer and avoid flaking. Then simply take a six-inch putty knife and scrape off the layer of plaster in easy-to-manage clumps.- The House Doctor

Commune with nature:A good stress reliever is to simply go out in your back yard and lie on the ground. Getting close to nature and the earth will rejuvenate and relax you, leaving you ready to face whatever life throws your way.

- Grow It! A Gardener's Guide

Putty rescue: If you find small holes in your furniture that you do not want to sand out, simply use wood putty. Find some in the same shade of wood, and rub some of the putty into the hole. The hole should disappear.

- Country at Home