Flooding and landslides in north and east India have killed nearly 1,000 people and have affected the lives of millions, officials said on Monday.

State officials said more than half of Uttar Pradesh state was now submerged, with 45 out of 83 districts hit by floods.In the past 24 hours, 81 people had died, they said, bringing the death toll to 998 in the last two weeks.

More than 30 million people have been affected in India's most populous state and about a million have been marooned by rivers that have burst their banks.

India's neighbors are also grappling with monsoon rains and landslides. At least 46 bodies have been recovered from a landslide which hit at the weekend in central Nepal, and more than 70 others are feared dead.

Devastating floods have also submerged two-thirds of Bangladesh and have taken 400 lives. They show no sign of easing, having already caused widespread human misery as well as harm to the impoverished country's economy.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in a televised address on Sunday night, appealed to the nation to unite behind efforts to provide relief to millions of Bangladeshis made homeless or left marooned as flood waters covered two-thirds of the country.